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Syrian Refugee: Syrian and Sarin Gas

syrian refugee: The chemical attack itself is psychologically hard on us as Syrians, she said, according to CTV. Over the past seven years, we've witnessed all kinds of deaths. Yaman Al-Quadri, a Syrian refugee who fled to Canada after being detained by government of Syrian president Bashar Assad for a month shortly after the start of the uprising in March, 2011, called the experience of watching her people suffer through chemical attacks at the hands of the military an emotional rollercoaster. Sarin gas is one of the banned war weapons according to international treaties but the Assad regime has been killing people over the past seven years using all kinds of weapons. Omar Jandali Riafi said the Montreal Syrian community had been anticipating an American response since the attack. According to a White House assessment, the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Duma, Al-Quadri's hometown, on April 7, killing dozens of men, women and children and leaving hundreds of others injured. ( As reported in the news.