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Religion Jesus: Easter Sunday and Milton Acorn

religion jesus: If the concept of High Holidays were common in Christendom, Easter's Holy Week would be it, according to Rabble. On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. While you're at it, consider by whom it's being waged. He was killed because, in the words of Canada's greatest poet, Milton Acorn, born 95 years ago Good Friday last, he tried to use words to break the rods and blunt the axes of Rome. Fast forward two millennia, give or take a few years, from the ugly crucifixion in occupied Palestine by the soldiers of Rome -- many followers of the rival cult of Mithras -- to the religion Jesus possibly unintentionally founded. Sudden death, by cross or drone, is always the risk when an aspiring religious leader takes on the official religion and power of a mighty empire. ( As reported in the news.