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Research: Questions and Aeroplan Members

research: The survey asked Aeroplan members several questions about shopping and travel, before moving onto questions about their social views, according to CTV. One of the questions asked whether immigration threatened the purity of the country, another asked whether fathers should be considered the head of households, and whether traditional marriage was the only way to form a family. But the president of the market research firm behind the survey insists that bold questions are the best way to capture a person's true beliefs, and that scrapping those questions would forfeit years of important research tracking the rise and fall of intolerance in Canada. Several users complained about the tone of the questions on Twitter, prompting Aeroplan to respond that it would be deleting all of the data collected from the poll. We apologize for sending it out and will be deleting all of the data collected from it. This survey in no way reflects our opinions or values, the company said. ( As reported in the news.