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Francophone Communities: Issue Representatives and Valerie Plante

francophone communities: The mayor could use discretionary powers to launch consultations, but if Valerie Plante is not willing to do so, they say they will do what they can to force the issue, according to CTV. Representatives of Montreal's Chinese, Black, Islamic, Anglophone and Francophone communities met Wednesday to say they are seeking 15,000 signatures on a petition to force the city of Montreal to hold hearings on discrimination, racism, and diversity. They launched a petition in February on Nelson Mandela day, and nearly two months later, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., they are calling for the city to take the next step. Balarama Holness, a candidate who ran in the municipal election, said the differences in what is available in Montreal according to borough are obvious. These are a lot of questions that aren't only going to be answered by the people on these panel, they're going to be answered by all Montrealers. Why is it that boroughs that have a large concentration of minorities have a lack of access to recreational or health services Why access to justice continues to be an issue at the municipal level Why racial profiling continues to be an issue Why contractual compliance, when the city gives a contract out for infrastructure, why aren't these companies reflective of the diversity of Montreal said Holness. ( As reported in the news.