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Country Intent: Israel and Zealotry I

country intent: What I see now is a racist, cruel and destructive country intent on punishing refugees, demonizing Indigenous Palestinians and carrying a messianic zealotry I would ascribe to totalitarian regimes, according to Toronto Star. This is not my Israel. I was raised with the narrative that Israel was a safe haven for persecuted Jews from around the world a sanctuary. Like so many other disillusioned Zionists, I grabbed a piece of hope on Passover and Easter, when Israel announced it had reached a deal to allow its African refugee community to stay or be resettled. This is just another reflection of the heartlessness that is now sewn into the cultural fabric of Israel. A few hours later, the government of Israel suddenly announced it was rescinding this compromise, and would be looking at deporting these refugees forcibly. ( As reported in the news.