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Immigrant Populations: House Races and Border Regions

immigrant populations: In House races across the country, both parties are using the fight over immigration fanned by tweets from President Donald Trump about a crisis on the Mexican border that others say doesn't exist to fire up base voters in midterm elections, according to Metro News. Democrats think it can help them reach minorities, young people and suburban moderates repelled by Trump's strident anti-immigrant stances, while Republicans have noted his success in using promises to crack down on immigration to energize disaffected conservatives. Each could be right. As a result, Democrats are using the issue to emphasize inclusivity and are targeting border regions, suburbs and areas with immigrant populations. One diverse Southern California House district centred on the sprawl of Orange County has already become a testing ground for each party's immigration strategy. Republicans, whose districts tend to be less diverse, plan to make immigration a law-and-order issue that appeals to conservatives all around the U.S. The debate is likely to roil races in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, perhaps New Mexico and Virginia's Washington, D.C., suburbs. ( As reported in the news.