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Hearings: Bond Hearings and Immigration Law

hearings: The group includes some people facing deportation because they've committed a crime and others who arrived at the border seeking asylum, according to Metro News. The San Francisco-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit had ruled for the immigrants, saying that under immigration law they had a right to periodic bond hearings. The case the justices ruled in is a class-action lawsuit brought by immigrants who've spent long periods in custody. The appeals court said the detained immigrants generally should get bond hearings after six months in detention, and then every six months if they continue to be held. Justice Samuel Alito wrote for five conservative-leaning justices that periodic bond hearings are not required by immigration law. But the Supreme Court, splitting along liberal-conservative lines, reversed that decision Tuesday and sided with the Trump administration, which had argued against the 9th Circuit's decision, a position also taken by the Obama administration. ( As reported in the news.