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government.a b.c: Trudeau and Indian Visit

government.a b.c: He was invited to attend a dinner in Mumbai hosted by the Canadian High Commission during the recent Indian visit of our resplendent prime minister, Justin Trudeau, according to Rabble. Atwal was disinvited as soon his history became known, but not before he managed to appear in a photograph with the PM's wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Atwal is the Sikh extremist who served prison time in Canada for attempting to murder a visiting Indian cabinet minister on Vancouver Island in 1986. Considerable bad press was generated for Trudeau and Canada's Liberal government.A B.C. Liberal MP has now fallen on his sword, metaphorically speaking, taking responsibility for the blunder. This, along with Trudeau's sartorial extravagances, led many pundits to describe his mission to India as a disaster, even a catastrophe. This has persuaded no one, of course, that the blame doesn't belong elsewhere, presumably in the Prime Minister's Office. ( As reported in the news.