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Mass Murder: Mass Killings and State Crackdown

mass murder: Burma's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, claims the reports of mass killings reflect an iceberg of misinformation being propagated by terrorists, according to Toronto Star. The Burmese military, too, denied ethnic cleansing even as it inflicted it, claiming against all credible evidence that it was engaged in a legitimate counterinsurgency. We have seen this wherever genocide has occurred and tragically we are seeing it again in Burma, where that country's Rohingya Muslim minority was targeted last year in a brutal state crackdown. The terrible truth of the situation has largely been pieced together, bit by bit, from satellite footage of scorched villages in Rakhine state and individual accounts of rape and the mass murder of civilians. It was only earlier this month, with the publication of a Reuters investigation into a mass murder in the village of Inn Din, that a clear picture emerged of exactly how the ethnic cleansing was perpetrated. And of course from the great exodus of Rohingyas, nearly 500,000 of whom have fled to Bangladesh in the months since the attacks began. ( As reported in the news.