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Full-Ride Scholarships: Students and Life Foundation

full-ride scholarships: Syrian women come to Canada to continue their education Thirteen months later, five of the students have applied for asylum, while the other two continue with their scholarships and remain in the country on student visas, according to CBC. Daughters For Life insists it fully supported the students and says their decision to seek asylum is based on the advantages of refugee protection and not because of any alleged shortcomings in the scholarship program. The students were part of a group of seven young women who received full-ride scholarships last year to study English in Toronto as part of the Daughters For Life Foundation. But in interviews, three of the Syrian students say the foundation didn't prepare them for life in Canada, that they struggled financially and, with their future immigration status in question, had no choice but to claim asylum. Alakel, 24, is the only one who has been granted refugee status. They told me I could work and they would help me find a job.' Aya Hammoud, student I had nothing, student Alaa Alakel said in an interview. ( As reported in the news.