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I Love: Place and Granite Counter

i love: But farther inside, most everything has changed in the year since the old owner was detained, then deported, as part of a crackdown on undocumented immigrants by a tough-talking new president, according to Toronto Star. Roberto Beristain, a former dishwasher who worked until he could afford to buy the place, is gone. The thank-you plaques for sponsoring the county Little League are still in the front entrance, alongside 15 years' worth of stickers honouring the steaks as the area's best. In his place are refurbished wood-panelled walls, a bar with a granite counter and a new pork chop entree. I love what you did to the place! Heather Pepper, 47, exclaimed to the bartender on a recent night. Even the name is something snappier, sleeker Eddie's is now simply the Shed. ( As reported in the news.