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Emperor State: Change Leader and Chinese Authorities

emperor state: China has always been, you know, emperor state. ... So a change leader or not change leader, the system and as a culture always stays the same, Ai told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney, where he was launching an exhibition to highlight the international refugee crisis, according to The Chronicle Herald. In 2011, Ai was detained by Chinese authorities for his outspoken views on human rights. Ai's comments came a day after China's rubber-stamp lawmakers passed a historic constitutional amendment abolishing a presidential two-term limit that will enable Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely. Ai's passport was withheld for four years but was returned to him in July 2015. The move to scrap term limits has crushed faint hopes for political reforms among China's embattled liberal scholars and activists, who now fear even greater repression. The artist now works from a studio in Germany and has travelled the world to document the plight of refugees and migrants. ( As reported in the news.