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Immigration: Toronto Office and People

immigration: The group called upon the minister to repeal section 38 1 c of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which it says denies permanent residency to an entire family if one member is sick or has a disability that would pose excessive demand on Canada's health care system, according to CBC. One thousand people and their families were rejected on this basis in 2014 alone. More than 30 people rallied outside the Toronto office of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen in opposition to a policy that they say is discriminatory. Ottawa to present plan to amend policy that rejects immigrants on medical grounds by April, Hussen says Liberals to scrap policy that rejects sick, disabled immigrants A handful of caregivers, many from the Philippines, said the policy separates and divides families because it denies status to their children with disabilities. Some cried as they described the pain of being apart from their loved ones for years while caring for children not their own. They said the policy means they cannot be reunited with their own families. ( As reported in the news.