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Two-Dozen-or-So Men: Venerates Age and Chinese Immigration

two-dozen-or-so men: Some of the old-timers needed to hold onto an arm for support, according to The Chronicle Herald. But when the two-dozen-or-so men and women were finally in place, each received a framed photograph from some earlier gathering. The procession, as you can imagine, was slow and stately. Then, in this community that venerates age, the applause began. As we sat and ate, Lee told me how he was 18 when he arrived the Chinese Exclusion Act which stopped all Chinese immigration into Canada for 23 years having prevented thousands of families, like the Lees, from reuniting. I was there at the invitation of one of the elders in the group Fred Lee, who came to Halifax in 1950, to join a father he hadn't seen since he was a year old, and live above the Charlie Wah Laundry at the corner of Barrington and Kent Streets. ( As reported in the news.