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Tuesday Night: Canadians Anc and Boat People

tuesday night: John's, Bala author of the bestselling novel The Boat People, a finalist in CBC's Canada Reads competition this year said she is still struck by the similarities of watching someone trying to win at Plinko and the way some immigrants are granted entry into this country, according to CBC. Trying to apply as a refugee or show up and claim asylum, it's a bit like a game, Bala said at a forum at the Association of New Canadians ANC in St. Speaking Tuesday night to a jam-packed crowd in her adopted home of St. John's. The MV Sun Sea was intercepted off B.C.'s coast in August 2010 with 492 passengers on board. You're just hoping that you get in and whether or not you do is so much dependent on luck and timing. ( As reported in the news.