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Family Reunification: Processing Times and Minister Hussen

family reunification: While this is good news for those seeking to have their foreign spouses join them in Canada, the reality of making a spousal sponsorship application remains the same the application is far from simple, the process isn't transparent and the whole ordeal is more intrusive than one may think, according to NOW Magazine. At first glance, applying to sponsor a foreign spouse for permanent residence to Canada looks easy. Stressing the importance of family reunification, Minister Hussen said that under the current administration, average processing times for these applications have also been reduced from 26 months to 12 months. Spousal sponsorship is not restricted to formally married couples, and is also available to common-law and conjugal partners. Unlike parental sponsorships, there is no cap on the number of spousal sponsorship application that can be approved in a single year. A common-law partnership requires a couple to live together for at least one year, while a conjugal partnership is a marriage-like relationship where a couple was not able to live together due to some extenuating circumstances. ( As reported in the news.