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Multicultural Society and Mr Kim

kim: But as one of my favourite TV characters, Mr, according to Toronto Star. Kim of Kim's Convenience, discovers week by week, it does not actually work that way. Canada does promote itself as a multicultural society, and new immigrants might easily be forgiven for assuming that they are free to continue their cultural beliefs and practices here. The lie of multiculturalism that Chauhan referred to becomes apparent once we realize that how Canada promotes itself as multicultural and how Canadians behave toward multiculturalism in real life do not always match up. In public and in most workplaces we don't say this because we are too nice, but we actually mean it it is better to speak an official language well, learn to skate and know how to bake a half-decent butter tart. When I look around, it seems that most Canadians consider that you are free to continue your particular cultural beliefs and practices but primarily just in your own homes and your own communities. ( As reported in the news.