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Museum Staff: Museum and Thomas Edison

museum staff: But thanks to a global revival of interest in the scientist, the collection is now drawing big crowds from home and abroad, according to CTV. Museum staff say some 130,000 people visited last year, compared to about 30,000 a year in the past -- when its audience included generations of local school children but hardly anyone from abroad. The Serbian museum, dedicated to everything to do with the 19th-century inventor and electricity pioneer, remained in relative obscurity for decades under the communist-run former Yugoslavia. Now the small museum is ranked among the top must-see destination for tourists. He experimented with X-ray and radio technology, working in rivalry with Thomas Edison. Tesla is best known for developing the alternating current that helped safely distribute electricity at great distances, including from the hydro-electric plant at the Niagara Falls in mid-1890s. ( As reported in the news.