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Page Ruling: Judge and Fu

page ruling: The judge's 600-page ruling in the case was posted online earlier this month, according to CTV. That was really pushing the edge, Lesperance told CTV's Your Morning on Monday. Lesperance cites one recent judge's decision from a lawsuit in which the judge said Chinese millionaire Guoqing Fu bought multiple multi-million-dollar homes in Canada while claiming just 97 in worldwide income on his taxes. He says the situation would have gone unnoticed if Fu's family and his partners, the Xia family, had not turned on each other and exposed their activities in court. The judge's ruling from the case indicates Fu had a large and successful business in China, yet he only claimed a miniscule worldwide income of 97.11 on his Canadian income tax return, despite spending millions on three different homes. These were two parties...who fell out and decided to sue each other in civil court, Lesperance said. ( As reported in the news.