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Movies Trudeau: Griffith Observatory and Motorcycle Officer

movies trudeau: Local coverage of the prime minister's visit to California has focused on U.S. President Donald Trump's talk and actions on immigration, a particularly acute issue in this blue state on the border with Mexico and home to the largest population of Canadians outside of Canada, some 150,000 people, according to National Observer. And Trudeau's talk Friday night at the Ronald Reagan library was overshadowed with international headlines about a crash between an SUV and a motorcycle officer in the prime minister's motorcade. Standing at the Griffith Observatory in the Los Angeles hills a site made famous as a setting in multiple movies Trudeau said his pitch to save the North American Free Trade Agreement from falling apart was well received. ; Behind Trudeau, a cloudy California sky obscured the city's most famous message the Hollywood Sign. The California Highway Patrol officer broke his clavicle in the accident. The conversations I've had across this country over these past few days have been extremely positive, the prime minister said on Saturday morning. Trudeau said Canadians needed to continually remind Americans about the bilateral relationship between the two countries, which can often be taken for granted. ( As reported in the news.