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Creek Plan: Hearing Feb and Parents Split

creek plan: His parents split when he was 2 1/2, and he never fully fit in with either of their families after they remarried.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver police officer going for Olympic gold Proposal for building with innovative design goes to public hearing Feb. 20Court hears harrowing tales of youth prostitution victims Council approves ambitious Northeast False Creek plan He's tight with his two older siblings, a brother and sister, but they haven't all been together for eight years, since before the war, according to Vancouver Courier. So imagine how the 25-year-old feels knowing the three of them will be reunited in Canada soon. Even before the war in Syria, he didn't have the dream mom-dad-and-the-kids upbringing. And imagine how it felt, after years of living alone as an unwanted refugee, to be embraced by a brand-new, instant family of two dozen strangers when he got off the plane in Victoria in June. That was a shock, honestly, he says. It wasn't just his cousin ish Julie Angus more about her later who met him at the airport, but the entire Fairfield group sponsoring him here. ( As reported in the news.