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Seniors: Email Address and Phone Number

seniors: According to them, the plan systematically excludes specific groups of seniors by using unilingual online surveys, holding consultations during one of the coldest months of the year and choosing locations that are difficult to access with public transit, according to National Observer. The people who are being excluded from the public consultation are precisely those who are most in need of an age friendly city' . The first concern appears to be less of an issue, since the website clearly stipulates that if anyone needs help filling out the online survey in either French or English there's both a phone number and an email address available. The Val rie Plante administration's recently announced decision to hold public consultations in the middle of winter, ahead of a new Municipal Action Plan for Seniors 2018-2020 that aims to make the city more age friendly, left members of two Concordia University-based research organizations scratching their heads. ; In a bid to raise public awareness and gain the city's attention on this issue, Ageing, Communication, Technologies ACT and the Centre for Research on Aging engAGE published an open letter to the Mayor of Montreal outlining their concerns and calling for immediate changes in order to build a better and more inclusive consultation process that would, in turn, lead to a better Action Plan. The other two concerns, however, could potentially be major obstacles to a truly inclusive consultation process. Bad timing, bad locations First off, what able-bodied youngish bunch of bureaucrats at City Hall decided that holding a consultation process involving senior citizens in the middle of winter was a smart idea There is nothing an older person fears more than a severe fall, which at their age can lead to serious complications and quickly turn into a life-or-death situation. An image from the City of Montreal's Plan d'action municipal pour les personnes a n es 2018-2020. ( As reported in the news.