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Minute Episodes: David Chang and Momofuku Chef

minute episodes: Suitably, the series steers away from the vaunted halls of fine dining in favour of honing in on a more human element, according to NOW Magazine. Over the course of eight 50-minute episodes only a few of which overstay their welcome Chang travels from New York City to Naples, the American south to Asia, interviewing the standard-bearers of various international cuisines. The title of David Chang's new docu-series is a tag the Momofuku chef's taken to slapping on honest, non-cheffy food, the kind of humble braises and stews you'd find in your folks' kitchen or at your fave neighbourhood eatery. Even when boldface restaurateurs like Noma's Ren Redzepi and SQIRL's Jessica Koslow show up on-camera, they're hanging out with their kids making dumplings or talking about wolfing down microwave popcorn as a post-service dinner. As the show hops between scenes and cultures each episode focuses on a single dish, from fried chicken to tacos to BBQ Chang and his cohorts meet a celebrated Mexican chef who lives under the risk of deportation, study the intricacies of Viet-Cajun cuisine in Houston and examine racist stereotypes and marketing surrounding fried chicken. Food becomes an entry point to explore racism, immigration, class and cultural cross-pollination. ( As reported in the news.