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Defence Theory: Cameron and Batc Headquarters

defence theory: Cameron made the comments at a late Friday night news conference at BATC headquarters in North Battleford, according to Vancouver Courier. In particular, Cameron ridiculed the defence theory put forth in the trial that the shooting of the 22-year-old man from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation was an accident. What would you do if that was your child asked FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron after the verdict, in which Stanley was found not guilty of the second-degree murder of Colten Boushie.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver police officer going for Olympic gold South Vancouver fire hall will be first built to Passive House standards Quick-thinking Vancouver hockey player racks up assist of a lifetime Vancouver reaches new heights with Passive House complex Boushie, a passenger in a grey Ford Escape vehicle, was shot and killed on Stanley's property in the rural municipality of Glenside on Aug. 9, 2016. What a bunch of garbage. He should never have been appointed. Bill Burge as a Crown prosecutor dropped the ball, said Cameron. ( As reported in the news.