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Bruno Carmi: Summer Party and Jewish Community

bruno carmi: Condemnation only came several months later, after another video from the same summer party, this time profaning Christian objects, also went viral, according to CTV. These episodes should absolutely not be dismissed, said Bruno Carmi, the head of Verona's tiny Jewish community of about 100, speaking at the Verona synagogue, which is flanked by two armed police patrols. Local officials initially dismissed the incident -- which was filmed and circulated on social media by the so-called ultras themselves -- as a prank. In my opinion, whoever draws a simple swastika on the wall knows what it means. Anti-migrant rhetoric is playing an unprecedented role in shaping the campaign for the country's March 4 national election, which many say is worsening tensions and even encouraging violence. Racist and anti-Semitic expressions in Italy have been growing more bold, widespread and violent. ( As reported in the news.