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War I: Zybertowicz and Mideast Nation

war i: Many Jews engaged in denunciation, collaboration during the war, according to CTV. I think Israel has still not worked it through, Zybertowicz said in the interview in the Polska-The Times newspaper Friday. Andrzej Zybertowicz, a Nicolaus Copernicus University sociology professor who also serves as a presidential adviser, called Israel's opposition to the new law anti-Polish and said it shows the Mideast nation is clearly fighting to keep the monopoly on the Holocaust. Zybertowicz could not immediately be reached for comment but tweeted a link to the article. The ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, appeared to acknowledge the recent outburst of anti-Jewish rhetoric in the country, denouncing anti-Semitism in a speech Saturday night as a serious illness of the soul and an illness of the mind that must be rejected. His remarks follow open expressions of anti-Semitism that surfaced online and in some government-controlled media when Israeli officials objected to the law, which outlaws public statements that falsely and intentionally attribute Nazi crimes to Poland under the German occupation. ( As reported in the news.