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Schuster Website: Canada and Turna Census

schuster website: Michael Adams photo from Simon and Schuster website At a talk on Wednesday at Simon Fraser University, Adams explained the institutional, demographic, and cultural factors in Canada that hinder the rise of xenophobia and far-right nationalism, according to National Observer. Bumpy history takes positive turnA 2015 census showed that over 20 per cent of Canadians were born outside Canada. In his provocative new book, Could it happen here Canada in the age of Trump and Brexit,Adams explains the social forces which led to the rise of far-right, populist politicians in the U.S., and why such figures would never achieve the same success in Canada. Of these, nearly 80 per cent feel pride in being Canadian, Adams' polls found. Adams gave a quick overview of Canada's history as a country of compromises. Immigrants are not just passing through, but are here to stay, he said. ( As reported in the news.