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One-Bedroom: Closet and Smerychynski

one-bedroom: We lived over a year and a half in our one-bedroom Fairview condo with him sleeping in the bedroom hall closet, says Smerychynski.article continues below Trending Stories Updated police identify man found dead in stolen vehicle's trunk in East Vancouver40% of North Vancouver businesses considering leaving Survey What Tom Petty's death says about Vancouver's overdose crisis Union Gospel Mission expansion a game changer'related Housing costs swallow up to 80 per cent of Vancouverites' income Seeking permission to build homes Vacate clause at root of city's 'renovictions,' says advocate Increase in housing infill could aid affordability Purchasing one of the two-bedroom condos they saw on the market would add 150,000- 200,000 to their existing mortgage, and the alternative of renovating their condo required shelling 40,000-50,000 out of pocket, according to Vancouver Courier. So when Smerychynski, who worked as a water treatment foreman with Metro Vancouver for more than 14 years, was offered a job in Calgary, they packed their bags. When they welcomed baby Sam into their lives almost two years ago, they quickly realized space was going to be an issue. It was tough, since Sandra and I were in good jobs that we loved in a city we really cared for, Smerychynski says, resignedly. A missed step Larry Beasley remembers working on housing affordability in the 1980s when he was a neighbourhood planner for the City of Vancouver, and later the city's co-director of planning. But, with a family, it made sense to move to Calgary . Sandra gets some time off with baby, and we were able to afford a 1,900-square-foot house in the burbs next to a brand new elementary school. ( As reported in the news.