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Canadian Society: Need and Mosque Shooting

canadian society: The evening began with a question on how to better integrate immigrants into Canadian society and ended with Trudeau delivering an impassioned speech on the need to fight racism after a woman expressed concern over recent public demonstrations by far-right groups, according to Metro News. There is much more we need to do as citizens to create neighbourhoods, a society, a political debate that is more respectful, less anchored in ignorance and insecurity and intolerance, he told the several hundred people in a high school gymnasium. Trudeau fielded a number of questions on immigration and the need to fight intolerance during his stop in the city, which is preparing to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 29, 2017 deadly mosque shooting where six men were killed. We all have our role to play. And that is done by remembering that this country we built didn't happen by accident and it won't continue without effort, he said in the nearly 10-minute long speech, which was met by applause. Trudeau, holding a microphone and with his shirt sleeves rolled up, encouraged Canadians to remember and protect its history as a welcoming society. ( As reported in the news.