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Saskatchewan Years: Paint Conservatives and Right Base

saskatchewan years: To talk about a prairie populist from Saskatchewan 40 years ago, that wasn't a negative connotation, that was someone who was fighting for the people and against some of the big icons of central Canada whether it was banks or railways or the other parties, Scheer says, according to National Observer. In this political cycle, populism in some circles has a negative connotation. Populism hasn't always been a dirty word in Canada, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer points out. For Scheer, that connotation is one he finds himself fighting against, as opponents routinely seek to paint Conservatives as one step away from the hard right base of the populist movement that put Trump in office. The left will argue the government is always best placed to respond to any given issue, and if people don't agree, they don't care about the subject, he says. In 2018, he'll seek to counter that narrative by presenting a new approach. ( As reported in the news.