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Paris Agreement: Chinese-Concocted Hoax and Climate Change

paris agreement: But, in a fundamental and glaringly crude way, Trump is a lens through which to view our world over the last year, according to National Observer. He embodies the rise of the political and social right. Here are five of the most important global stories, in my view, to cross our news streams and how they were related ; 1 The year of Trump He is everywhere, and in the 24-hour news cycle, he has become boringly predictable. He zealously flirts with dictators. He pulled the US out of the COP-21 Paris Agreement, believes climate change to be a Chinese-concocted hoax, and promotes coal. He is unabashedly xenophobic and enthusiastically foments anger among his base against foreigners, just as he repeatedly attempts to seal off America's borders. ( As reported in the news.