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November Republicans: Senate Seats and Carolina Politics

november republicans: Though official candidate filing doesn't start until mid-February, the Democrats are quickly approaching the number of House and Senate seats they contested in 2016 and hope to strongly contest each seat in November, according to Metro News. Republicans used a similar full-court candidate strategy in 2010 to seize control of both chambers for the first time in 140 years. Eager to reassert their longtime influence on North Carolina politics, the Democrats already have already fielded an unusually large pool of candidates for 100 seats in the 170-member bicameral legislature. They've held veto-proof majorities since 2013, allowing them to impose a right-leaning agenda including broad tax cuts, abortion restrictions and taxpayer-funded grants for children to attend private schools. While Democrats regained a bully pulpit when Gov. They also passed the state's bathroom bill, later partially repealed. ( As reported in the news.