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Alias Grace: Onstage Life and Tv Watchers

alias grace: Another great Canadian book character, Anne of Green Gables, has had plenty of onscreen and onstage life in her time, but this year she has had a decidedly feminist portrayal much sassier and darker than the character has ever been interpreted before, according to Toronto Star. And this time around she's simply called Anne. Who would have thought 20- and 30-year-old books would grab the imaginations of TV watchers around the world as much as Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace have, for example Clearly, her razor-sharp observations about authoritarian societies in terms of the first, and anti-immigrant sentiment among other issues in the latter have struck a chord. And coming to the big screen in April is an adaptation of Richard Wagamese's 2012 novel Indian Horse, which some of us know from school reading lists. Here are our suggestions Article Continued Below Roughing It in the Bush Can't you imagine Susanna Moodie and Roughing It in the Bush getting the TV treatment but, as with Anne, acknowledging the darker bent of our story While Moodie talks about the struggle to bring some sort of order to her rough life, there should also be an emphasis on the Indigenous narrative that was going on at the same time, better reflecting the totality of this nation's experience. There are plenty of other books out there books still being taught in our high schools and universities that are ripe for adaptation to the big screen. ( As reported in the news.