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Gendered Approach: Women and Ontario

gendered approach: For women in Ontario, it's likely they're being paid marginally or significantly less than their male counterparts, according to Toronto Star. Currently, half the workers in Ontario earning less than 15 per hour are between the ages of 25 and 64, the majority of which are women. However, both our discussions of the potential implications of this change, and the policy itself, fail to adopt a gendered approach. The pay gap between men and women in Ontario sits at 30 per cent as it has for virtually 30 years worsening considerably for immigrant women 39 per cent and Indigenous women 57 per cent . Visible minorities, once protected by Ontario's Employment Equity Act, repealed in 1995, now stand as the province's most under-represented population in the labour market. Women still have to work over 15 months to earn what men earn on average in a year. The statistics are there, as are the barriers. ( As reported in the news.