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People: Powley and Sclerosis Ms

people: There is so much help that is needed out there, as Powley puts it, according to Metro News. And yet despite how outspoken she is, if you sit with Powley for an hour to chat, as Metro did last week, you will have to take a little extra time to lean in and hear what she has to say. Regarding the causes she cares about which are many, ranging from sustainable urban planning, to supporting refugees, to the rights of people with disabilities she is an ardent campaigner, constantly out engaging the community to instigate positive change. Powley has multiple sclerosis MS an incurable autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. For Powley it began in her teens with slowly losing the balance she needed for ballet. Essentially, if the nerves in our bodies are wires, then MS strips off the insulation and the nerves gradually short out. ( As reported in the news.