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Child Refugee: Abdi and Language Barriers

child refugee: Abdi came to Canada as a child refugee from Somalia in 2000 with his sister and aunts, according to Toronto Star. His mother died in a refugee camp while awaiting the three-year process that eventually landed his family here. Abdi's is a tragic story that highlights the gaps in Canadian institutions and systems that disproportionately and negatively impact Black Canadians. Under uncertain circumstances, of which his family continues to seek clarification due to language barriers at the time, the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services removed a 7-year-old Abdi and his sister from the care of their aunt. Article Continued Below Abdi's aunt never stopped fighting for guardianship, and while she obtained her own citizenship she was denied the opportunity to apply for citizenship on behalf of her niece and nephew. Over the next decade the siblings were separated and Abdi was shuffled between 31 homes. ( As reported in the news.