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Gas-Plants Scandal: Mosque Shooting and Laura Miller

gas-plants scandal: ONTARIO GAS PLANTS VERDICT DUE TODAY A judge is set to deliver his verdict today related to Ontario's gas-plants scandal, according to The Chronicle Herald. Former top political aides David Livingston and Laura Miller are charged over the destruction of documents. Trudeau fielded a number of questions on immigration and the need to fight intolerance during his stop in the city, which is preparing to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 29, 2017 deadly mosque shooting where six men were killed. The senior staff to former premier Dalton McGuinty are accused of attempted mischief and illegal use of a computer. DOUBLE-MURDER SUSPECT TO APPEAR IN COURT A man charged with first-degree murder in the presumed deaths of two men who vanished from Toronto's gay village last year is set to appear in court today. Prosecutors alleged the duo illegally destroyed records to save the Liberal party embarrassment over a decision to cancel two gas plants in 2011. ( As reported in the news.