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Group: Term and Right

group: Too often, the general public has bemoaned this term because many feel they have reached a point where they can no longer be bothered to amend and get their reference points right in a world that is continually evolving and becoming more diverse, according to The Chronicle Herald. But when you are an elected or appointed official, particularly one within a federal branch of government, inevitably representing a multicultural, diverse group of people, you should be required to be considerably more informed, aware and refined in your speech than the rest. Yet it perturbs me that, in response to criticism from constituents and her fellow members in the Senate, Lynn Beyak should carp that she is being blackballed for not erring enough on the side of what she calls political correctness. Whether it disturbs their own comfort level or not, they should seek to be politically accurate because words matter, whether they be displayed on a website, communicated from a lectern or liberally expressed via Twitter. We are now part of an era where, because of a backlash against the politically correct, we have witnessed mediocre, populist leaders become elected who have been free to use racist and sexist epithets as a means of ramping up support from their base. As inadequate as they can sometimes be, our words become our way of reflecting what we know to be our reality. ( As reported in the news.