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Deal-Making Skills: Signature Tax and Gop Momentum

deal-making skills: After hours of negotiating, the Senate scheduled a late-night vote on a House-passed plan, according to Toronto Star. It appeared likely to fail. The lawmakers and Trump's White House mounted last-ditch negotiations to stave off what had come to appear as the inevitable, with the parties in stare-down mode over federal spending and proposals to protect some 700,000 younger immigrants from deportation. Read the latest news on U.S. President Donald Trump The election-year standoff marked a test of the president's much vaunted deal-making skills and of both parties' political fortitude. It could also threaten to slow any GOP momentum, one month after passage of the party's signature tax cut law. Republicans, who control both Congress and the White House, faced the prospect of being blamed for the display of dysfunction just the fourth shutdown in a quarter-century. ( As reported in the news.