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Holmes: Plant Nourishment and Sunshine Eaters

holmes: The inference is spot on The Sunshine Eaters, taken literally, is a nod to the plant nourishment, sustained as they are by those nurturing rays, according to Toronto Star. But there are heavy politics to be found in the ground from which they grow, and you don't have to dig deep to uncover them. Nearby and behind glass, delicate watercolours of native plants, painted around the turn of the last century by longtime OCAD University faculty member Robert Holmes, sit quietly arrayed on easels, suggesting, maybe, something not quite finished. Land, simply put, is power, and he because it's always been he who has it, holds it. If you worried what would happen to the fiery tenor of the art world's Canada 150 rebuke once the calendar turned, then this will come as welcome assurance. Between Obasawim and Holmes lies a chasm of difference From the blithe privilege of a delicate visual taxonomy to an urgent plea to return what was taken, The Sunshine Eaters sets up as a have and have-not polemic that defies its poetic title. ( As reported in the news.