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Bangladeshi Media: Days Mikaruzzaman and Rohingya Muslims

bangladeshi media: More than 100 Rohingya have entered Bangladesh in the past two days, according to Mohammed Mikaruzzaman, a top official in Bangladesh's Ukhiya sub-district, where the refugees are living in sprawling camps, according to CTV. Mikaruzzaman would not say why the latest refugees fled, but the Bangladeshi media has said some reported being forced by the Myanmar military to work without pay and food. Over 650,000 Rohingya Muslims poured into Bangladesh after Myanmar's military launched a brutal crackdown against them in August. The Associated Press could not independently verify those allegations. The process is expected to take about two years. Myanmar and Bangladesh signed an agreement in November on repatriating Rohingya refugees, and officials said earlier this week that some would return to Myanmar beginning next Tuesday. ( As reported in the news.