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Disaster: Blanket Coverage and School Citadel

disaster: Last week, a large crowd showed up in the pouring rain to commemorate the disaster and there was virtual blanket coverage in the local news, according to The Chronicle Herald. Indeed, there were some people who came from all over North America to attend the ceremonies. It killed 2,000 innocent people, wounded 9,000, and destroyed much of Halifax. Meanwhile, the same day, aside from a single sentence about this event on the announcements, there was nothing done to commemorate this at my kids' school Citadel High in Halifax . That's all it merited to them despite the fact that there are undoubtedly students in the school whose families suffered terribly for many years as a result of the disaster. I'm appalled. Nevertheless, all students were forced that same morning to attend a diversity assembly for an hour and 15 minutes, with teachers roaming the halls to round up stragglers to make sure they were all there to hear the preaching these are held quite regularly . Not only does this show the ideological priorities of the progressive zealots running our school system today, but spending so much time having a school-wide assembly about something else on such a significant anniversary rather than any other day is a gross insult to those who suffered and died in the disaster. ( As reported in the news.