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Report: Committee and Rights

report: However, those who pose risks to public health and public safety should still be barred from being admitted to Canada, said the committee report, released Wednesday, according to Toronto Star. Our immigration laws unjustifiably violate human rights of certain would-be newcomers to Canada and this is inconsistent with the modern values Canadians associate with contemporary human rights protections, said the committee in a 76-page report. In a groundbreaking report on the controversial practice, the standing committee on citizenship and immigration said the excessive medical demand clause goes against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is out of touch with Canadian values. Canadians value diversity and inclusiveness and it should be mindful of all the abilities and contributions of its citizens, newcomers and potential immigrants as it moves forward with reviewing the medical inadmissibility. I have seen how the application of this provision has caused a great deal of hardship over the years. Article Continued Below The recommendation was applauded by rights groups who have criticized what they call discriminatory treatment against people with disabilities. ( As reported in the news.