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Refugee Quotas: Czech Republic and Nations Greece

refugee quotas: So far, solidarity with front-line nations Greece and Italy, where the refugees land, has been limited, according to Metro News. A mandatory quota scheme was opposed mainly by eastern European nations the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Ahead of an EU summit in Brussels, fresh tensions have surfaced over the perceived need for national refugee quotas. For Europe, the political crisis over migrants is existential, despite the fact that migrant arrivals have dropped dramatically this year. That fueled anti-immigrant parties and the far-right made significant political inroads. As hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees trekked northward from Greece in 2015, some EU nations erected fences, launched police crackdowns and closed borders, forcing migrants onto their neighbours . ID checks were reintroduced in parts of Europe's passport-free travel area, hampering trade, business and tourism. ( As reported in the news.