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Vice President: Need and Mursulin Abul

vice president: The person who filled the need we were looking for was a gentleman we deemed to be very adept at process engineering, said Coles, according to CBC. Liberals look at making skilled immigrant loans pilot project permanent Employers learn details of program aimed at bringing skilled immigrants to Atlantic Canada The fact that he was a recent immigrant to P.E.I. was a bonus ... We didn't hire for diversity, we hired to fill a need. The vice president of architecture and engineering firm Coles Associates says what a potential employee can do for the company is more important than where they're from. They need skilled people' He's talking about Mursulin Abul, originally from Bangladesh. When you're dealing with detailed tax information, we want to make sure they have a good understanding in their own language.'- Doug Ezeard His decision had nothing to do with conditions in his home country he wanted to further his education. He moved to Canada in 2012. ( As reported in the news.