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Single-Dwelling Units: Suites

single-dwelling units: In 2015, the city had at least 13,812 suites, and 2 per cent of those suites were listed on the city's suite registry as fully sanctioned, according to Metro News. From that original number, she was able to determine 67 per cent as being operated by absentee landlords. Kylee van der Poorten recently published her work in the Canadian Geographer, cracking tropes about the Calgary suite narrative using a combination of publicly available data sets to show where suites are hidden in the city, and who may own them. When it gets into the classic illegal suite narrative, she applied land use data along with census information about housing structure types to narrow down single-detached homes and further identify which ones had additional single-dwelling units. What we do through local law ... it shapes the housing market. These numbers, the remaining 13,534 units, she divvies up into the 73 per cent that exist in suite-permitted zones and 27 per cent in restricted zones. ( As reported in the news.