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World Care: Money Isn and School Meals

world care: As International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau toured the crisis border regions in Bangladesh, her parliamentary secretary announced in Ottawa the government will direct 50 million of its foreign aid over the next five years to pay for simple school meal programs in four troubled countries Niger, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and Syria, according to Toronto Star. The announcement was low-key. But what does it look like in action, and more important, does the world care This week, some of the answers to those questions came into clearer focus. The money isn't new, but comes from existing departmental funds, and will go to the United Nations World Food Program which provides nutritious school meals. Or the needs in Yemen where widespread hunger and malnutrition is the direct result of a Saudi blockade in retaliation against Houthi rebel strikes. Article Continued Below And yet, the decision to spend 50 million on school lunches seems curious, especially given the massive needs in Bangladesh where 1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar have flooded across the border. ( As reported in the news.