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Police: Safety Risk and Cube Van

police: Sharif, a Somali national, became known to police in 2015 after a report was received that he may have been radicalized, but investigators determined at that time that he did not pose a threat, according to CTV. Nor is there any suggestion the accused was assessed as a public safety risk when he entered Canada at a legal border crossing in 2012, Goodale said Monday. Abdulahi Hasan Sharif is facing 11 charges -- including five counts of attempted murder -- after a city police officer was stabbed and four people were struck by a cube van in what authorities have characterized as an act of terror. There was no deleterious information that was available at that stage, Goodale said. That Goodale took pains to point out how Sharif entered the country highlights the current tension around Canada's asylum system. Goodale said the procedures in place to vet newcomers are extensive, and include criminal background checks both in Canada and abroad, but would not discuss Sharif's case further given the ongoing police investigation. ( As reported in the news.