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State: Kurdish Fighters and Unity

state: It was a symbolic call for unity A longtime leader of Kurdish fighters, Talabani became the head of state of what was supposed to be a new Iraq, freed two years earlier from the rule of Saddam Hussein, according to The Chronicle Herald. Talabani's death on Tuesday was a reminder of how that experiment in unity has frayed nearly to the point of unravelling Only a week earlier, Kurds voted overwhelmingly in a referendum in support of breaking away from Iraq to form an independent state, sending tensions spiraling with the central government in Baghdad and with Iraq's neighbours, who fear similar Kurdish separatist sentiment on their soil. You must accept that. At the time of the vote, Talabani had been out of politics for nearly five years after a 2012 stroke left him debilitated and permanently hospitalized. While in power, Talabani was seen as a unifying elder statesman who could soothe tempers among Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. He died in a Berlin hospital at the age of 83 after his condition rapidly deteriorated, according to Marwan Talabani, a relative and senior official in the office of Talabani's son, the deputy prime minister of the Kurdish region. ( As reported in the news.