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Kombucha: Earth and Store

kombucha: As locally made kombucha continues to tickle taste buds and rise in popularity, Organic Earth has added a slew of brands to their shelves, according to The Chronicle Herald. The fermented drink is tasty and helps with digestion and provides good-for-your-gut probiotics. This year, Organic Earth's store manager, Tracy Nauss, has signed up more than 20 new local vendors to expand the ever-growing number of new products in store. On the list of local suppliers now at the store are Halifax-based Cove Kombucha, Dartmouth-based Pop Culture Brewing and another Dartmouth-based fermentary, Goodmore Kombucha. Just because Organic Earth carries healthy foods doesn't mean you should miss out on a tasty treat. Each brand creates its own unique blends and flavours, from raspberry lemonade to green rosehip hibiscus. ( As reported in the news.